The Internet is an amazing place. On in, you can find pretty much any information that you are looking for. You can connect with the people. You can learn about other cultures. You can find people who share same views as you, who have same hobbies. You can find communities that are just right for you. And you can even find love. That is why the internet is such an amazing place. And the best search engine with which you can do all of this is, of course, Google. Google is the oldest and the best search engine in the whole world. It is simple to use, works great, and it is very fast. But with the need to connect yourself with the world, you also need to give your information. And there is one shady part of Google, one that they have tried to keep it secret. And that is that they keep the information about your internet habits. They keep the logs on what do you search online, which sites you visit most often. But is this all that they do? Or is it there even darker side of the Google for which we still don`t know? Well, let`s find out.

Keeping the logs of your searches

Google definitely does keep all the logs about your internet searches. They pretty much know about every single site that you visited, everything that you have done on those sites. They are just like the big brother of the web. You can`t hide from them. But is that really such a big problem. If you have nothing to hide, why would the data that Google records be a problem? Sure, it impinges on your privacy. But if you are clean and don`t go to any suspicious websites, why would this be a problem for you? For me, that is not such a big problem.  Heck, it can even help me to find some sites that I forgot. It allows me to go through my search history and find out what was I searching for the past for. The only thing that google should do about this question is to give a clear message to all the people that they keep logs about their searches.

Selling the information

On the other hand, this problem is much bigger. As we know, Google is selling all of your search histories to advertisements companies so that they could sell you the specific product. This practice is really shady because you had never agreed or signed the contract that will allow google to sell your info and habits that you have online. This is where google is in a wrong. And this could cause them big problems in the future if people unite against this practice of google.

They know all of your information

As soon as you have created a google account, they know pretty much everything about you. phone number, your address and etc. This way they can give your info to many other companies who can use them for their own benefit. Which can be really dangerous. Especially if you have your credit card connected to the google account. That is something that you should never do. Because now you even gave them access to your finances and financial state. And what if someone hacks the google? They could take all of your money that you have, all the information, they could even steal your identity. And that is definitely the worst thing that can happen to you.

They always know where you are

With the introduction of the google maps, Google has got yet another way to keep track on you and on your information. By just being logged into their Google maps service, they constantly can see where you are. The only way that you can block them from doing so is by turning off GPS and internet connection. But, by doing it so, you now have an only half-functioning smartphone which is only good for making the phone calls and playing the games. And we are sure that you won`t be happy about that. This is not such a bad idea from Google. But it can be really dangerous. Just think about it. What if someone hacks their system and now that person knows exactly where you are and what are you doing. This is a most frightening part, believe us.

Even apps are not safe

Almost every app on your phone asks you to give it access to your Google account. Which in the end gives google the access to all the info about what are you doing with the said app. They can collect data from them. For example, if you are using fitness app that records your activity. That app can send that info to google. And google can use this data to sell it to an advertiser who will try to sell you their products that are connected to your hobby. This sounds scary, right?

In the end, how much google really knows about you?

The simple answer is a lot. As first time that you have logged into their service, you gave them the access to your info. And as more and more service you are using from google, you are giving them more and more information about yourself, about your habits, about things that you love, hate and etc. This is why we all need to be careful with the services that we are using. Because we can`t really know how much information they can get on us. What they can do with this information. This is a scary thing to think about. But it is part of our reality. And that is why we need to stay vigilant and try to keep all of our most important information private and out of the reach of big companies, especially Google. Don`t get us wrong. Google is a great platform with some amazing features. But it also has some major flaws, especially in the department of privacy. Be safe and be sure that you keep your information as private as possible.


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