It might seem like the most glaringly obvious thing, but when you’re traveling, you need to know where you are going. And if your priority is getting to your flight/meal/appointment on time, then Google Maps simply doesn’t cut it. Available for iOS and Android, it has a level of detail, accuracy, and user-friendliness that Google maps can only dream of, plus it is always up to date with integrated public transport, Uber, and walking directions. Trust us – if you’re in a city that featured on Citymapper and travel to one that doesn’t, you notice straight away.




When you get to your destination, you’re going to need to buy things. When you have to buy things, you need money, and if the currency that you’re using is different to the one that you usually use, then you need XE. They’ve been the online leader in currency conversion for almost as long as there’s been an internet – since 1993 – and their app has everything you need to know, right where you need to know it. There’ are few things more frustrating as a traveler than planning out a budget and then getting rinsed by the exchange rate. You’ll never get ripped off again with this little gem in your pocket. Or at least, if you do get ripped off, you’ll know exactly how much you’ve been done for.




Quandoo is a simple concept. So simple that it seems amazing that it hasn’t been copied more widely, in fact. They’re a restaurant booking app – so far, so generic – but with the difference that you can GPS yourself in a city and then call up all the restaurants around you. Check your location, choose by cuisine and user-ranking and then book yourself a table – all at no cost to you and within the same app. They optimize for densely packed cities with hundreds of restaurants to choose from, and it isn’t surprising that they’re already market leaders in cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, where restaurants are everywhere. They operate in the UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Australia and plenty of other countries besides, so the chance is you’ll be seated at the best restaurant in time in, well, no time.




There was a time, before apps and the internet, where planning your big trip meant hours flicking through catalogues and endless meetings with the travel agent. While the web put paid to them, the idea of integrating all aspects of your holiday into one place to get the best rate still works, and Kayak is the app that does that. The cross-reference thousands of airlines – particularly good for multi-city bookings – as well as hotels and car rentals, to give you the best possible deal. If the best deal isn’t there, they allow you to set up fare updates so that when it is, you can book straight away. From booking the flight, tracking it through the air, ground transportation and somewhere to stay, Kayak have them all covered.




So you’ve booked the flights, sorted the hotels, planned the itinerary and even got someone to look after the dog while you’re away. You’re ready to relax. All that remains is to pack a bag, and that’s where you need PackPoint. This app allows you to create a checklist of all your essentials, using live data to take into account the length of your trip, the purpose of your journey, the destination and the likely weather when you arrive. Never forget anything again, never be caught unprepared, never stress about packing your bags. Let the relaxation begin before you even depart.


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