You are already a successful internet personality, you have many followers, many fans. You feel good as never before. And you want to widen your internet presence. There are many ways in which you can do so. The first thing that you need is to have the idea how to do it and the people who will support your endeavor. Now, you are sure that you have a large internet audience. But you want to know exactly how much people watch your videos daily. What is the age range of your audience? How much man and women are watching your content in percentage. How much time do they spend on your channel or site? Is there a way to measure your audience? To measure their presence on your site? Yes, there is, and we will tell you all that you need to know about it. So let`s start.

First, and easiest way, use Youtube analytics

Youtube is probably the best platform when it comes to measuring your audience and their habits. On Youtube, you can find pretty much everything. From which country do most people watch your videos. How much time do they spend watching your videos? What is the usual age range of your audience? Are male predominant or women. A number of likes and dislikes, you can find pretty much anything that you need to. This will help you to understand your audience and to adjust to the measurements that analytics have shown you.

You can create the pools

By creating pools on your website or some other social media sites. You can see how much people are active. How many people are willing to participate in your pools. In return, you will find out how much of your audience is still active, how many of them are still with you and how many of them are following you on all the platforms. This is a little more complicated step for measuring your internet audience, but it definitely works.

A number of views, replies, comments, etc.

This way is almost self-explanatory. You can measure your internet audience by just seeing how many views you are getting on your videos. Or how much views you are getting on your pictures and etc. Same goes for the replies and comments. With this margin, you will be able to know how many people are still engaged with your content that you are providing. And it will also allow you to communicate with your fan base and ask them what would you need to change so you would get more internet recognition and bigger fan base.

Likes, dislikes, emotions.

This is the simplest way to measure your amount of you internet audience. The reason is that it is the fastest way to reply to any post. Your audience member does not need to write anything, they can just put emoticon that represents their interest in what you are having to say. And it works great. This will decently show you how many people are really engaged in your content.

Third-party software

Most complicated, but also most detailed way to measure your internet audience is by using third party software. Sure, they are very complexed. But they will give you the inside to pretty much anything that you want to know about your internet audience. How many of them are active, what are their favorite videos, what kind of videos resonate best with the people and etc? You will get the complete inside about all of your internet fans.  Some of them will cost you money. But it is all up to you. Do you need such a deep inside about your internet fan base or not? This way is the best for the people who want to market some products to their fan base because you will get everything that you need to know which product would be best for you and for your audience.

And this for the end

Knowing how big your internet audience can really be helpful and needed for some projects and etc. But most important thing is that you need to focus on the service that you provide to your fans. Everything else will come in the place by itself.

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