Christopher Hitchens Discussing Politics 0

Christopher Hitchens Discussing Politics

Another split screen diavlog with Christopher Hitchens – This time talking about politics A wide spectrum of subjects is discussed in this vlog. From NATO, Iraq, Isreal, Al Gore, elections, money mismanagement, torture, and much much more. Back To Home

Christopher Hitchens on Religion 0

Christopher Hitchens on Religion

One of the most controversial subjects is up to the bat again. Oh my. Every time this subject comes up on Bloggingheads or any other site you can be sure to see a heated debate. This is something people seem to be the most hard headed about. No matter what you believe we can all agree that none of us want to budge when it comes to the subject...

Future Bloggingheads on Media Bias 0

Future Bloggingheads on Media Bias

A couple of future adult blogginghead talking about their views on media bias. The screen is not really split but it will do. They do a good job of keeping on topic and offering up talking points in the traditional Bloggingheads format. Bloggingheads is going on 10 years of vlogging now. In another 10 years these two might just find themselves in a real live diavlog. Back To Home

Getting Connected with Social Networks Diavlog 0

Getting Connected with Social Networks Diavlog

James Fowler talks about his co-authored book on social networks. This is a very interesting subject that directly effects most of us. It has to do with social networks. When most of us hear the term “social networks” we automatically think of a website online like Facebook or Twitter. However James Fowler breaks it down for us in revealing that online social networks mimic social networks in the real...

New York Times on Obama and Iran 0

New York Times on Obama and Iran

Short clip on a discussion of Iran by Gary Sick and  Afshin Molavi. It is always difficult to understand what is happening in another country when we are not there. See what your opinion is on the situation in Iran. Back To Home

Richard Dawkins explains what he means by “Selfish Genes” 1

Richard Dawkins explains what he means by “Selfish Genes”

Are you selfish? Do genes play a part in being selfish? Is their really such a thing as a selfish gene? Is this totally rubbish? Are people just using the excuse of a selfish gene to say “they can’t help it”. Being selfish seems to come naturally for so many people. They act as though they are the only ones on the planet and everyone must cater to their...

Fan Makes Bloggingheads Trailer 0

Fan Makes Bloggingheads Trailer

 Here is a trailer made by a Bloggingheads fan. The aim of the video is to give the sense of what diavlogs programming is all about. The New York Times called it, “The beginnings of a new entertainment and information form”. What is it that makes the split screen dialogue so appealing to so many people? Could it be the the feeling of realism? Or the fact that it...