China has been known for its strict censorship and even those who are not very familiar with tech terms or certain limitations do know or have heard about the Great Firewall of China and its restrictions. The Great Firewall of China does not let Chinese Internet users access foreign sources as well as all the major websites and social media. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, and even Google are replaced with a Chinese copycat of its own – WeChat, Baidu, Youku and more. Moreover, the government monitors every website you visit, any comment you leave, so user privacy is heavily violated and breached.

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While it is interesting to observe how China picks up numerous things from the West, one question always comes to mind – why does China still censor and restrict the Internet so much? One of the reasons was mentioned before and it’s the ability to monitor users, mostly for political purposes. Another reason is by raising the relevance of its own Internet products and keeping up its economy while at the same time lowering the need for foreign websites.

Unfortunately, it seems that the free Internet is the one trend that the Chinese are not overtaking and it looks that it will not stop its strict censorship anytime soon. Especially now, when it is tightening its control over Internet users even more by blocking more websites, software, and applications.

The best solution to overcome the Great Firewall of China is to get a virtual private network (VPN). It is an invaluable solution to those who are used to being able to access the free Internet – Google, Youtube, Gmail and other websites. Accessing your work files and emails even when Gmail is restricted will surely make getting a VPN worthwhile, not to mention being able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies by watching them through streaming services. VPN works perfectly in China, especially with the help of obfuscated servers that mostly focus on bypassing the heavily restricted countries. This free VPN that you can try out for 30 days will surely help Internet users in China, whether you live there, work there or travel there.

With China picking up the most popular trends from the West, hopefully, it will bring at least the idea of the free Internet for its citizens and expats living in this extraordinary country.



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