Youtube. The website for which probably every person in the world had heard about. There you can find millions and millions of new videos each day. Every person can find something that is for them, that presents their point of view. That shows people who share the same hobbies as you. Youtube is possibly the most amazing website that we have on this planet. And why is that? Why is Youtube so popular? Why so many people watch Youtube videos on a daily basis? How important is it for our society. And most importantly, will we ever lose Youtube? Is there any dangerous event that could happen and close the Youtube as the platform? What would people of the world do if they would lose the Youtube? And, most importantly, are we really living in an Age of Youtube? In the age of internet video media? Let`s find out.

Start of the Youtube

Youtube has started as a simple platform in the year of 2005 when three friends that heave worked for Paypal decided to create a whole new platform on which you will be able to share all kind of videos. The only thing that you needed to use the service is an internet connection and video camera. And the growth of the company was astronomical.  In 2006 they were already the fastest growing website in the whole web. Because of its such a big success. Google in 2006 had purchased the Youtube for wrapping 1.65 billion dollars in stock and the whole deal was completed in November of the same year. Many people would think that after few years the company would stop to grow and start to stagnate. But they could not be more wrong. From 2006. Youtube has just continued to grow and grow. Nowadays they have almost a billion daily users who watch billions of videos daily.

Why is Youtube so successful?

Why is this video platform so successful? Well, first, they were the first website that offered everyday people to upload their videos on the website where any person in the world would be able to see it. There was not such place anywhere on the internet. Yes, some other companies had tried to do the same thing. But none of them have ever come to the level on which Youtube is now. Another reason why Youtube is so successful is because it allows the people from all the backgrounds to upload videos. You can talk pretty much about anything on this platform. And you will definitely find an audience that will love your content. Just look all of those gamers who put their videos on the platform. Most successful YouTubers are people who play video games for the people to watch and enjoy their personalities.

Also great business choice for Youtube was the inclusion of the advertisements. With allowing advertisements on pretty much every video on Youtube, they are able to earn astronomical amounts of the money every day. But there is a problem that is lingering over Youtube nowadays, but we will talk about it a little bit later. Also, Youtube is a type of social network. People can write comments on the videos, they can communicate with one another. And also they can rate the videos if they were good or not. Youtube also allows the very intimate relationship between fans and video creators. They can read every single comment that they have got. And many times they will act on them and address the comments that were most important to them or most interesting. Youtube has created an environment that is so different than anything that we had in the past. And that is why it is so amazing.

Oh…and those unlimited possibilities

Youtube is definitely a place with unlimited possibilities for everyday man. You can be just an everyday guy or a girl. Without a job, without bright future. But one camera and your personality can change it all. Form lonely, depressed person, you can become a person that has millions of fans, millions of people who would do pretty much anything for you. Millions of people who really love you. And that is not all. You would be able to earn the money from thins hobby. You would be literally able to live by only creating internet videos. And that is something that every person would love to do.

You thought that this was all? Not for a long shot. You would get many offers to advertise products in which you really believe. Not some bullshit cheap products that are not worth even a penny. You would get so many business connections that your mind would not be able to comprehend it. Because one day you were no one, and now you are one of the most important people on the one of the biggest internet platforms in the world.


But unfortunately, Youtube is under attack

This great internet service is under attack by old media. And it is pretty easy to realize why. All the traffic, all the news that people consume, mostly young people, they do it through Youtube. And that makes old media scared. Nowadays, they are prepared to do anything to discredited Youtube as moral and functioning business site. Just remember what they did to the biggest Youtube personality. They pushed him to the brink of collapse. And they did it all with fake news which they fabricated. And that is why old media is the biggest danger to Youtube. They are ready to do all that they can to discredit Youtube. To destroy it as the platform. Now, in the few days, youtube has lost almost billion dollars because many companies have removed their adverts from the Youtube. And all of those has happened because one „ethical“ journalist had „proven“ that „Youtube does not care what kind of content is put on their website. This is the time when we need to be united. The time when we need to show that we are with Youtube and that there is nothing that old media can do to destroy this beloved website.

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