Pepsi Flavors

The variety of Pepsi flavors has long fascinated fans, and a few of them even made their way overseas to sample different varieties. The company recently announced a series of new flavors made from real fruit juice. Whether these flavors will make a comeback is unknown, but there are a few interesting possibilities. Here are some of the flavors that have recently made an appearance. You may even find some of them on Ebay! More info – You Can Find The Perfect One For Your Specific Needs Unlike many other soft drinks, Pepsi does not contain cinnamon or lemon notes, but the sweetness makes up for this. Pepsi is incredibly sweet, with a kick of tanginess that makes it reminiscent of soda fountains from yesteryear. It also has a pleasantly syrupy mouthfeel and a vaguely lemony aftertaste. While these flavors may not be for everyone, they are sure to delight many. Pepsi has always had a distinctive flavor. The classic Lime Pepsi came on the market in 2003, but was discontinued by the end of 2006. Later, it made a comeback as a limited-edition variety for Spring 2019. In addition to the lime flavor, Pepsi also created several unique flavors like Cherry Vanilla and Caffeine-Free Pepsi. And for people who love the sweet flavor of Pepsi, there’s the cult following for the Holiday Spice version. In fact, an unopened bottle of Holiday Spice sold for $50 on eBay in 2015. Another popular pepsi flavor is the orange-flavored Pepsi. This beverage is also available in sugar-free versions. A few years ago, Pepsi was even sold in Japan, and the taste was quite different from the original. The lemon-lime version was sold in Japan as Pepsi Citrus Freeze. The cola flavor was a result of the company’s ‘fire and ice’ theme.