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We don’t like political correctness. We don’t believe you can please everyone, or that you should try to.

We don’t believe ideas should be suppressed, no matter how foolish or unimportant someone else might think they are, or how offensive they may be to someone else.

At the same time we respect every ones feelings and believe people should have a choice in what they want to hear or don’t want to hear about. But that is beauty of the internet. You don’t have to sit and read something if you don’t want to.

We believe open discussion creates a better atmosphere of trust, understanding, respect, and learning.

What we would like you to do is write and let us know what you want us to talk about. Then we write about an interesting topic and everyone can discuss it.

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Is Loud Music Bad For Us?

Living in a large metropolis, has taught us how to look for an easy way out of this busy world around us.

Most of us found comfort in music, as our thoughts slide along with the beats, and we isolated ourselves in our inner circles, where people around us can’t reach.

But how often do we listen to music?

Either we are at home, on our way to work, going downtown or to a club, we can hear music everywhere we go.

Even when you were a baby you could hear your mom sing songs, or play you a soft tune before you went to sleep.

I think we spend a big part of our lives listening to songs that may or may not interest us.

If we don’t like heavy metal we turn to folk, if we don’t like folk we turn to jazz, if we don’t like jazz we turn to dance, rock, soul and so on.  The music keeps changing and different styles appear every few years.

But it doesn’t mater what kind of music you are listening to, it actually maters how loud the music sounds.

Think about it, for example, when you are on a public bus, and the man sitting in front of you has his headphones on, with a powerful rock music raging out of his speakers and disturbing all the people around him. Well we can’t react do to freedom of speech, but we can surly grin and throw sharp views at the man and hope that he will turn his awful music down. file1221296769663

But that doesn’t usually happen and we have to live with his loud music till our stop arrives.

And I also think about the clubs we go to. Haven’t you found yourself in the situation were the music was so loud, you could barely hear your friends?

I know last time I went to a club, I was yelling at my girlfriend and I tried to tell her about the consequences of what loud music could have on us, but the only thing she could reply after she left me talking for more than 2 minutes, was a vague: “What?”


So yes… That is our main problem with loud music in clubs. We can’t hear ourselves…

Think about all the missed opportunities you had after you talked to someone, but he/she couldn’t understand what you were saying because of the loud noise. I guess there are a few people that are still waiting for your call right now but you misheard and mistyped their number… So you know… Tough luck…

But this loud music problem goes way beyond the frustration of understanding the person next to you.

There are a lot of people who even listen to music in their cars at maximum level just to be “cool”. Well this is annoying to everybody around them. Maybe you want to sleep when you arrive home after a hard day at work, and this Ice-Cube wannabe drives by your home, shaking the walls of your house with his loud car music and startling you out of your bed. They also can’t pay attention to sirens or car honk, and the possibility for an accident is highly expect-able.

car accident

Result Of Loud Music

I’ve hear that this noise could even make you def, either for a short period or a more permanent time.

Studies say that people, who arrive home after a night’s out, tend to lose part of their hearing capacity.

This can differ from person to person, for example beside the lack of hearing, you can suffer from “tinnitus”, that is a fancy word for stating that your ears are ringing.

If you listen to loud music every day, you can be sure that permanent hearing will happen sooner than later.

Think about all the construction workers wearing different types of hearing protection so they won’t go deaf. That isn’t an option, it’s a necessity!  covering ears

We could thank the best DJs Chicago can offer for the next information.

Jim and Mary, a 40 year old Disk Jockey couple, which play music almost 4 – 6 days per week, complained that they were having hearing problems for some time now, because of the club music.

Jim says, that playing for more than 4 nights per week, gives him the sensation that someone is pushing on his ear. He says it hurts him so bad, that at nights he can’t even sleep.

Mary said that they were having problems understanding each other. After playing for so long the couple can’t hear that well, so either they whisper or yell, but it’s an unfortunate challenge for them to get along.

So I think this is a serious issue that everybody has to think about. I mean how loud can this music be? Why don’t they set a standard or implement more fines or some sort?

Share your brainwaves and let us think about the possibilities.



Gated Communities A False Sense Of Security?

How do you feel about people living in gated communities? Increasing numbers of people all over the world are locking themselves behind steel gates. Millions of people now live in these communities.


steel gate

steel gate

It is little wonder that many people find a sense of security in gated communities. Violent crime and home invasions are frightening things to think about. Motivating many to seek shelter in a more secured environment. In fact statistics show that 1 in 5 homes will experience a home invasion. These kinds of crimes are on the rise as the economy worsens and people become more desperate. Business are often more secured than residential dwellings. So many see them as an easier target.

But is a gated community really that much safer? Or is it just an illusion of security? Statistics and research show that gated communities actually do not have less crime. How can this be?

When you take a closer look you will see that gated communities are pretty easy to access if you are a clever criminal. Often times this may require little more than a disguise, fake ID, or fake magnetic company logo on the vehicle. Many have found that the people claiming to be someone such as a contractor or other such worker simply has to state who they are. They are allowed access on their word alone. All they have to provide is an address within the community. Residents are not contact and asked if they gave permission for entry. But even if they are criminals find easy way to get around all such measures.

Once inside many homes in gated communities are easy to enter due to the fact many residents believe the security at the gate will keep intruders out. So they leave their windows and doors wide open. Nothing is locked. All a person has to do is walk right in. And because people living these neighborhoods often work long hours to be able to afford the luxuries they possess they are not home a large majority of the time.

Add to that the fact that wealthy people can afford to hire a lot of contractors and workers. Seeing contractors coming and going as well as being parked outside houses is a common normal occurrence. So on one will be suspicious of the activity. Once inside thieves can open the garage doors to gain access to the large home spacious garages. Then they pull the car inside the garage and close the door behind them. All that is left to do then is simply load up the vehicle with the home owners’ valuable possessions.

So with all the evidence it is clear that people living in gated neighborhoods are living under a false sense of security.

What is the alternative? Neighborhood watches seem to work quite well if residents are proactive. Another good solution is to install a home security system making access to your home more difficult. Should someone attempt to gain entry alarms will be triggered notifying authorities of the breach. Frames for windows can also be changed to steel for added protection. Go this this site on steel window frames to see a picture of them.

Although this is not 100% fool proof it has been shown to deter many criminals intent on doing you harm.

So what you think? Do you still safer living in a gated community after being presented with all these details?

Controversial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Teenagers – Should They Get It?


Do you believe plastic surgery should be performed on teens purely for aesthetic appeal?


Hundreds of thousands of procedures are performed on underage people every single year. But they are also performed for teens up to 19. Very little research has been done on the long term effects this kind of surgery has on teens developing bodies.

One of the most common is breast implants. Other common surgeries are liposuction, and even surgery on the genitals.

But is this really necessary at such a young age. For example many girls will develop breast naturally as they mature to the age of 21. But a lot of pressure exists for young girls to look a certain way, no matter what age they are. So they seek these quick fixes prematurely, before nature intended.

This adds a level of danger to the procedure that does not exist for older adults. It seems many teenagers are not approaching this from a rational perspective. They just want what they want and they want it now. No matter what the cost to them in the future.

For example younger girls who have plastic surgery very early on in life have a higher likely hood of developing body dysmorphic disorder of BDD. This is a physiological disorder characterized by an abnormal preoccupation with physical appearance that leads to severely dysfunctional behaviors. The preoccupation becomes pathological in nature.

Many physical risks are also greater with teens. Complications can occur much more often due to a teens growing body. But teens are prone to think they are immune to any dangers. They are often times not mature or experienced enough to have a rational perspective when considering plastic surgery.

Do you think it is appropriate to screen teens with psychological profiling to see if they are doing it for the right reasons and to make sure they are aware of the risks? This is the question we raise to you.

Plastic surgeons promote their services with reckless abandon. They paint of carefree picture of no risk in the marketing they do. They want to make you believe it’s as easy as a visit to the gym. They love to use the word “outpatient” often. One plastic surgeon’s website we looked up in Orlando has testimonials on the website toting feeling of security. They have a video of a young girl telling here experience of how it was no big deal to go through the surgery she went through. If you want to go check it out you will see what we mean about this Orlando Plastic Surgery doctors website.

But is it really that easy and carefree. They fail to mention the painful postoperative phase where patients experience months and even up to a year of pain and swelling. Is this the best way for a teen to spend their teenage years. A full year taken away that they will never get back. But you never hear about all these downsides. And this does not even begin to address the many cases of increased complications in teen cosmetic procedures.

So what do you think? We would like to hear you opinions.






World Of Warcraft Has Changed For Better Or Worse

We are switching gears here from the last article, to something completely different.

We like to mix it up with a wide variety of topics for discussion to get your brainwaves going.

So if you don’t know anything about this game then this article might not be for you.

But if you want to keep reading anyway I will give a very brief description of what it is all about.

I am not going to go into too much detail on what kind of game this is.

But basically it takes place within a virtual fantasy world where the other characters in the game are actually other players connected to the internet through an interface they log into from a website.

You play with them, and against them.

Everyone plays roles within the game and interacts with other players. These kinds of games take place within a “virtual reality” environment.

That is a very basic summery on how it is set up.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I will say that World of Warcraft (or WOW for short) is one of the most successful and popular games of all time.

Millions of people have subscribed to and played the game and continue to play. This article is about how much it has changed since its inception, and whether or not that is a good or bad thing.

So the attitude towards the changes will of course depend on who you talk to and their individual perspective on it.

Because the game has been so influential in the evolution of video games in the 21st century, we want to form a discussion around this topic to see where it goes.

We feel like this discussion will help us to get a better understanding on this sort of virtual breakaway segment of society.

Virtual environments are a relatively new phenomenon in our modern civilization.

For this discussion we don’t really want to go into how this is affecting your daily lives, or how it might change our consciousness or awareness in the rest our waking lives.

Instead we would like to focus on, and get a unique perspective on the feelings and emotions of the players involved in this particular game to see where they think this is headed and why some of the changes were good or bad in the gaming experience.

Millions of diehard fans are currently subscribed to the game.

The players only need to pay a monthly subscription fee to have access the virtual environment.

So it is not a fixed type of game where you insert a cartridge into a machine and experience the same environment every single time, as is the case with store bought games.

The game is constantly evolving on a daily basis and changing in large part due to the players involved.

But also because of the technical changes that were implemented into the game over the years.

Not all players have been around since the early beginnings of the game so that they don’t notice what changes actually took place.

The ones who have can give you their perspective.

They often express a lot of mixed feelings about the many changes that have occurred in the game throughout the years.

Some of these changes include a total overhaul to the skill systems, a redesign to the system in how you acquire things, a lot of new areas to visit, better scenery, and on and on.

Many, many changes has occurred.

For some the changes are a welcome addition.

A certain number are happy enjoy the game more now than ever before.

And for other players they feel like the richness of experience and sense of accomplishment has been greatly diminished since the earlier days.

They claim this diminished quality is due in large part to the creation and implementation of game guides, which vastly speed up the progress that can be made within a much shorter period of time.

At this point things have progressed so far that even software programs have been developed where you can install it within the virtual world itself.

It will then guide you through the entire game as you play.

That way you don’t have to remember anything.

You can “level” very quickly. Leveling is how you progress from one level of the game to the next.

The game is technologically advanced, but the guides can be just as advanced.

If you want to see one such in game guide, go visit this page entitled “Mining Guide WOW”.

Mounts are another highly desired commodity within the game.

They allow the person to travel faster and farther in most cases.

The in game guide will actually show the where they are located, taking you by the hand and directing you right to where they are.

That guide is found on the World of Warcraft Mounts page of the same site.

And finally one more page to visit shows the guides for World of Warcraft pets.

Pets are useful beasts as anyone who plays the game can tell you.

There are all kinds of pets you can find and pick up. But you have to know where to go and where to look for them.

The above links are just a couple of examples of these kinds of guides.

So what you do you think? Do these guides improve the user experience?

Or do they take away from the sense of accomplishment that grueling manual work provides. What about comradery?

How is that affected since you would think a guide would make you less dependent on other players and more self-sufficient.

OK so I hope to hear some great conversations or debates on this. Thanks for reading.


P.S We are considering opening up a forum for Brainwaveweb.com so that each article can be discussed in its own thread. Send us some feedback and let us know what you think about that idea.

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Do you think it’s possible to reverse diabetes? | Is The Cure Being Suppressed?

The first thing I thought when I heard about this is that it has to be a scam. It was an ebook claiming that you can reverse your diabetes today, now. Click the link to see a review of the book. Also you can watch the review here if you like.

A lot of people out there like to prey on others people’s misfortune.

So I am very skeptical when it comes to things like this.

Especially if someone is asking for money.

On the other hand doctors and hospitals are always asking for money to.

I am very untrusting of the medical institutions.

I always felt like many doctors might have been taught a lot of things that might not be true. But they act like they know it all and nothing else can be true except what they were taught in medical school.

In regards to diabetes all they do is prescribe medications and tell you to stop eating sugar or other certain foods.

But they don’t tell you what the underlying cause is because they don’t really know.

For instance they say one type of diabetes is a result of some “unknown” auto immune disorder.

So my question is what causes that disorder?

If they knew that they would be able to treat the underlying cause instead of just trying to regulate a blood sugar problem that is caused by that disorder.

If the cause was not there you would not have a blood sugar regulation problem so you would not need medicines or injections to fix it.

In other words to say it another way they are only taught to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

That is a major flaw as far as I am concerned.

It does not seem to me like this kind of form of so called treatment makes any sense.

It only makes sense if you look at the conflict of interest that exist financially.

Diabetes is a multi-billion dollar a year industry that is supported by the prolonged condition of the people who suffer from it and are never cured.

The medical institutions have no financial incentive to try and find a cure.

Why would they want to do that when they can instead make massive profits just by treating the symptoms from cash cows?

When you look at it from that angle then it makes sense that maybe a cure has already been discovered but has been suppressed for greed. Maybe it has been suppressed for profit.

So although I have not read the ebook he talks about in the video but I think I will because he states that the methods it teaches were developed by doctors who have scientific evidence that you can reverse diabetes.

Although I was at first skeptical, after watching the review and thinking more about this I am not leaning more toward believing what he says.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

I want to know you brainwaves.

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